Sony announced Gran Turismo 6 earlier this year for the PlayStation 3 console. Unfortunately the game will not be arriving for the PlayStation 4 console in the near future, although Polyphony Digital did acknowledge it was a possibility. In any case what about the PS Vita? Will we be seeing Gran Turismo 6 make its way onto the PS Vita in the future? Unfortunately just like PlayStation 4 would-be owners, PS Vita owners are in for some bad news as Gran Turismo 6 will not be arriving for the PS Vita.

According to Sony’s President of Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida (via IGN), “The PS Vita is a very powerful portable system, but not quite as powerful as PS3. As you can tell looking at GT6, it really is using PS3 to a very high level. So it’s going to be really hard to move GT6 onto PS Vita.” Essentially it means that the PS Vita might not be powerful enough to support the game. Of course it is possible for Sony to make a “light” version which they did for the PSP a while ago, although whether this might compromise on the overall feel and gameplay should probably be taken into account as well.

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