Man has always drawn inspiration from nature when it comes to advancements in the way things are done. Take the issue of flight for example. We have long wanted to take to the skies like an Angry Bird, but until the Wright brothers managed to crack the code of flight early last century, most attempts have proved to be abject failures. Well, marsupials are the inspiration this time round, where as many as 450,000 lives could be saved annually if parents of premature babies living in poor countries and do not have access to proper medical care were to carry their bundles of joy around against the skin in “kangaroo pouches”, assisted by an increase in breastfeeding as well as regular medical monitoring.

According to research performed, the Kangaroo Mother Care technique might eventually save up to 450,000 babies which normally would die after premature birth over the year. According to Joy Lawn, lead author of the report published this week by a group including the World Health Organization, “It’s about keeping the babies warm, breastfeeding, and treating any new infections with antibiotics.”

Who would have thought that something so basic might actually be crucial in ensuring no further lives are lost, especially for those living in less developed countries? Hopefully the “kangaroo pouch” idea will be taught and eventually see some sort of equipment made to suit different situations, cradling a preemie inside lovingly.

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