Technically speaking, it should just be a day before the folks over in Japan have the chance to pick up the Urbano Progresso smartphone from Kyocera. This Android-powered device will also feature the Smart Sonic Receiver tissue-conducting technology, where it is capable of sending audio right into your noggin’ without the need for any external speakers. We did talk about this before, and something like this bit of groundbreaking technology is certainly a warrant for further exploration of this particular device.

The Kyocera Urbano Progresso will be made available from Japanese carrier KDDI, and Kyocera claims that the best way to test out the Urbano Progresso’s tissue-conducting technology would be to have it see action in really loud urban environments. To sweeten the deal, the Urbano Progresso can also be via headphones, hats or earbuds, now how about that? No idea on whether this particular smartphone will ever make its way to the US in a different form, but chances are it will not considering historical trends. Which is a bummer when you think about it, really. [Press Release]

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