So you think that the touchscreen display is the next best thing since sliced bread? Well, I have news for you – Leap Motion might just want to change the way we use computers, where their new motion control peripheral is actually a tiny device made out of mostly aluminum, and it will rely on finger waves and hand gestures in order to interact with operating systems as well as other computer programs. You could say that the Microsoft Kinect has had a finger (pun not intended) in Leap Motion’s idea, as it has helped usher in a greater awareness for motion controls as well as superior precision over the years. Leap creators, David Holz and Michael Buckwald, have been long time admirers of the Kinect’s motion sensing abilities, and they were confident of coming up with something even more precise while sacrificing physical size in the process – resulting in this potential mouse killer.

Imagine using your finger to browse through your computer and use the internet – the only segment of the computing population whom I see shunning what Leap Motion offers would be the gaming community – you are not going to save the entire world from Diablo’s evil machinations with your fingertip, you are going to need a good old mouse and keyboard combination. After all, didn’t your mom tell you that pointing your finger in the direction of strangers was rude, what more at THE Prime Evil?

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