I know that the Dornbracht horizontal shower is something rather out of the ordinary, and here we are with yet another iteration on how one should take a shower. Things have gotten very different these days, and standing under a steady stream of water should no longer be the norm. The Loop shower that you see here does resemble an oversized Dyson Air Multiplier when you first take a look at it, but it will not keep you dry, but rather, ensure that all your nooks and crannies will end up real wet, sending jets of water in different directions. Capable of action whether indoors or outdoors, the Loop hails from Italian furniture and fixture manufacturers Idiha.


The Loop does not run on fairy dust, but rather, has been described to be multi-sensory while offering “many functions.” There is no actual and apt description as to what kind of functions those are, but I guess one would have to actually walk into the showroom to get additional details. Something tells me that a device like the Loop will definitely add more sex appeal to your home, not to mention burn a rather large hole in your pocket to boot.

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