Looking forward to getting your hands on Rockstar’s upcoming Max Payne 3? If you are, you will be pleased to learn that Rockstar has already planned out a couple of DLCs that are expected to be made available at a later date, although individual pricing and specific release dates have yet to be confirmed. These DLCs are expected to focus on the multiplayer aspects of Max Payne 3 starting with the Local Justice Map Pack which will be released in June.


The map pack will offer the Police Precinct map for use in all multiplayer modes, along with two additional maps that can be used in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer modes. It is expected to introduce new challenges and will offer precinct-themed items that your multiplayer character will be able to equip. Later on in the summer, additional DLC packs are expected to be released. This includes the Disorganized Crime Map Pack, Deathmatch Made In Heaven Mode Pack, Hostage Negotiation Map Pack and the New York Minute Co-Op Pack.

Two more multiplayer maps will see a release in the fall which includes the Painful Memories Map Pack and Trickle Down Economics Map Pack. While the individual prices of the DLCs have yet to be revealed, gamers who purchase a Rockstar Season Pass will be able to download all of the DLCs until the end of 2012. This season pass will cost $29.99 (or 2,400 MS points) and can be pre-ordered from select retailers and Sony’s PSN.

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