If you’re having fun with Max Payne 3, the folks at Rockstar are looking to extend that fun by releasing a free DLC on the 28th of August. Dubbed “Disorganized Crime”, this DLC will include a free multiplayer map (Hoboken Rooftops), along with new modifiers for Score Attack in Arcade Mode. Gamers can also expect to activate explosive rounds, encounter more aggressive enemy AI and will be able to participate in headshots-only contests. There’s even a Noir mode which lets you play the single player campaign in black and white, which could be somewhat novel for a while, might end up being rather annoying. The Disorganized Crime DLC was originally announced earlier this month although no specific dates were mentioned. So if you’re looking forward to this DLC, then the 28th of August will be a date you’ll want to mark down on your calendars.

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