No man is an island, or so the saying goes. Well, being lonely is no fun at all, in fact it might even drive you nuts. The modern day has plenty of pressures and stress that makes us feel so alone, and Japanese researchers from Yamagata University have worked on a robot that ensures you have company all the time, as long as the MH-2 is mounted on your shoulder. This wearable miniature humanoid can also be remotely inhabited by your friends or family from anywhere in the world, as long as there is a decent Internet connection, that is. Just what does MH-2 stand for? “MH” means “miniature humanoid”, and this wearable telepresence robot will function as an avatar for a remote operator.

It sports a couple of 7-DOF arms, a 3-DOF head and 2-DOF body (“DOF” stands for “Degrees of Freedom”), including one additional DOF for a realistic breathing capability. Specially designed to mimic human actions in a most accurate and realistic manner possible, it does more than just hang around (pun not intended) without helping you. Basically, whenever you want to share an experience with a friend or family member, just let him or her “dial in” to the MH-2, and they can see what the MH-2 sees. Pretty neat, don’t you think so?

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