A student from MIT called Charles Guan decided to build a working version of the Mario Kart. The vehicle that he has dubbed Chibikart is built from scratch and it apparently took him three weeks to build right up until its first test drive. Guan describes his cart as, “A (very) small electric kart with 4-wheel direct drive”.

He already had the lithium ion battery which was needed as part of the components list but besides that he spent about $1,300 for a range of different parts that were necessary for the complete build. He estimates the total cost to be at about $1,750. From the video, you will be able to see the tiny Mario kart-inspired vehicle zooming through some narrow corridors as it makes what can only be described as a purring sound. Should you want to venture a similar build of your own in this vein, you can find out the full information about the Chibikart here at Guan’s website.

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