You know what they say, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I guess that is only meant for those who do not have the skills to trap a couple of our avian friends who are frolicking in a nearby bush. Well, here is a first in the world – a robotic bird that is capable of flight, and yet has the ability to perch right there and then on a human hand, now how about that? This robot was developed based on an articulated-wing-based concept for an agile robotic aircraft that naturally, drew inspiration from birds. Definitely not of the angry kind, as those tend to self destruct in mid-flight or at the end of their flight arc. The team behind this robot bird said that, “Of all maneuvers executed by flapping wing aircraft in a gliding phase, a perched landing is arguably the most challenging.”

Thanks to their efforts, they have successfully managed to develop a robot bird that is smart enough to perch on a human hand, an effort that requires a high level of position accuracy in order to be successful. The ultimate aim for such a robot would be to function as a surveillance agent for the authorities, flying autonomously indoors while avoiding obstacles with unerring accuracy.

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