When Samsung announced the Galaxy S3, many were no doubt hoping to see an upgrade in the device’s display to that of an SAMOLED Plus HD one. Unfortunately Samsung decided to go with the same Pentile HD display that can be found on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Now don’t get us wrong, the Galaxy Nexus has a pretty nice display but we guess fans were just hoping for something that would blow the competition out of the water.

So why did Samsung go with the Pentile HD display? According to Samsung’s Philip Berne (via Mobile Burn), the reason the company went with Pentile HD is because the screen would last longer. Due to Pentile displays featuring more green subpixels compared to blue ones (blue ones apparently degrade a lot faster), this means that over long periods of time, the quality of your display should look almost as good as the day you bought it – at least in theory. What do you guys think? Is this the real reason behind Samsung’s choice of display for the Galaxy S3?

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