Every single person I know likes the idea of a rocket being launched into space. And for some time now, Dragon which is name given to Space Exploration Technologies Corporation or SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket has been delayed from launching due to various circumstances. The rocket which is intended to travel to the International Space Station (ISS) is the first-ever commercial space capsule. Once the unmanned Dragon Space capsule reaches the ISS, it will be received by astronauts using a robotic arm. It will be carrying supplies meant for the ISS after which it will head back to earth with cargo in it.

Now however, it seems that it is on for the SpaceX Dragon rocket which will launch tomorrow at 4:15am ET. CEO of Space X, Elon Musk who doesn’t seem to be as excited as we are about the launch told the NewYorkTimes, “I think there’s a significant chance that the mission does not succeed.” NASA has also stressed that the 4:15am launch is more about the testing of the rocket rather than supplying ISS with the thousand pound cargo that mostly consists of items that include food, clothes and high school science projects. For now, if you want to get updates from Elon Musk who will be tweeting live from the mission control room, you can click here for his Twitter account. All we can do now is hope for the craft to launch and return successfully and also to wish all the crew involved the best in this historic endeavor.

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