Just a few a days ago, we wrote about the partially successful static fire tests of SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket that will propel the Dragon spacecraft to its journey to the International Space Station. So far, the latest launch date is scheduled on May 7 next week. That’s what we, until we got word that SpaceX is once again forced to delay the launching due to software issues in the craft- particularly the software responsible for controlling the automated spacecraft. During the static fire tests a few days ago, the team, backed by NASA, conducted a countdown rehearsal together with the firing of Falcon’s nine Merlin rocket engines for approximately two seconds.

Apparently it was delayed on its first attempt. For the launching to commence, SpaceX has to make sure that the spacecraft’s hardware and software are 100% fool proof. Due to the orbit of the International Space Station, SpaceX has to postpone the Dragon’s launching until May 10. Once it lands at the ISS, it will transport the necessary cargo and supplies to the station. If successful, it will then make a return trip back to earth.

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