From today onwards, iPhone users should be able to enjoy a faster Google Search experience on their iPhone app. For starters, a total overhaul of the interface has been implemented, where every single bit of change has been made not for fun, but in order for you to enjoy faster results, a more beautiful full-screen image search, as well as a simple method for you to access the entire gamut of Google apps in one place. You will be able to perform your search by voice, by typing, or with your camera – now how about that? The introduction of autocompletion of search suggestions will make life a whole lot easier, delivering search predictions instantly as you type each letter.

Google also claims that the pages will load faster, and you can always go through multiple pages with ease thanks to the slide-in panel. All it takes are quick swipes back and forth between webpages and your search results, there really is nothing more to it. Have you given it a go already, and how do you find the new Google Search app?

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