Shawn Lawless certainly has the name to back up his antics (not to mention a dependable Electrc Vehicle (EV) racing crew likes his does help, too), where he recently managed to achieve a new world record, “riding” his Rocket drag bike down Virginia Motorsports Park’s quarter-mile strip in a mere 6.94 seconds, with a top speed of 201.37 miles per hour. Once Lawless nailed the throttle down, the daredevil side of him took over, and he needed full concentration to throw his weight around the bike in order to keep it steady as he maintains confidence while building up momentum to complete the world record attempt.

Some might call him crazy or fearless, but those have yet to faze him until this day – which goes to show that he does seem to be on the lookout to etch his name into the record books for a long, long time by performing some tasks that lesser mortals have politely declined. The Rocket that Lawless rode on will feature a custom Zilla box that can pump out 4,000 amps from the 14.2kWh battery. Now that is definitely a whole lot of juice.

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