If you are born in the 80s or in the early 90s, computers weren’t the thing and television was everything. Unless your family owns a Macintosh computer in the old days, TVs, on the other hand, were the primary source of entertainment and education. For the 80s baby, the television was kinda like the electronic nanny – you’d watch your favorite Looney Tunes cartoons and drool over your favorite super heroes. But today, we now have tablets and smartphones.

And while TVs are still standing in our living rooms today, tablets are much loved. They are portable, easy to use and cool-looking. But according to Schools.com, tablets make good nannies too. “Like most great things, tablets can be used for good or evil. With supervision and some pointing in the right direction, kids can benefit from the new tablet technology,” Schools.com said. Check out the infographic after the break.

Kristin Marino of Schools.com also commented that kindergarteners who used iPads in the classroom scored better on a literacy test than those who had not. While not everyone will agree with the infographic below, but for the love of tablets, we’ll mention it anyway. Based on the visual presentation, it shows that seven out of ten children in tablet-owning homes have used tablets, and more than 20% of parents admit to giving children smartphones, iPods, or an iPad to keep them occupied while they run errands.

Some parents also admitted downloading apps that are specifically for their children, which is not bad. But we’ll take add a pinch of salt into the infographic. This could apply to countries where both technology and economy are thriving. Also, other parents have better ways of raising their children – even without the aid of such electronic devices. Lastly, the supposed trend isn’t really an excuse for parents to spend less time with their kids.

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