Mom always told you to eat your vegetables so that you will grow up strong and healthy. Well, for those of you who failed to heed her advice and are now paying the price for such stubbornness, here is the Vegetabrella that will shield you from the scorching rays of the sun as well as raindrops, simply because it is an umbrella that comes in the creative form of a vegetable, thanks to Japan’s Tokyo Noble. It resembles a fresh head of a lettuce when rolled up, and best of all is, there is nothing to worry about concerning its vitamin level content even when you do not have enough crisper space in your fridge to stow it away.


Definitely one of the stranger umbrella designs out there, but it is a surefire way to attract the attention of whoever passes your way. I do wonder whether this will spark off a series of other umbrellas that will boast similar designs of other vegetables.

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