Ever wished that there were times when you could just end up with that drunk sensation, without having to spend so much money at the bar counter and making way too many trips to the toilet than you care to remember? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to check out just what the Wahh Quantum Sensations has in store for you. Apparently, this new device was specially designed to help folks get drunk in a jiffy, although the manufacturers of the device claim that the degree of ‘harm’ is limited since you would sober up just as fast. How does it work?

For starters, alcohol is delivered to your bloodstream through an aerosol spray, similar in nature to that of an inhaler, letting you feel briefly drunk, followed by sobering up quickly as well. One ought to tread on such a device with caution, however, since there is no way to regulate the use of such a device, and even after recovering from a state of drunken stupor, there might be slight side effects which could affect the motor and cognitive skills of the person.

On paper, the Wahh Quantum Sensations will deliver a minuscule dose of alcohol measuring 0.075ml directly in to your mouth, and since it relies on the aerosol effect, the effect will be instantaneous. Each capsule will offer 21 ‘shots’, retailing for 20 Euros a pop when it finally hits the market in Europe. No idea on whether there are plans for a worldwide distribution yet.

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