Wii UNintendo’s Wii U has yet to receive an official release date and pricing, although what we do know so far is that the console is expected to see a release some time later this year. Thanks to a forum post on Italian website, MarioCastle.it, a poster claiming to be a developer for Ubisoft Milan has “leaked” the details of the upcoming Wii U console including its release date, price along with some of its hardware specs and its upcoming games.

For starters, the Wii U is expected to support DirectX 11 (although it seems highly improbable since it would essentially be using the competitor’s technology) and will come with 2GB of RAM, 560MB of which will be dedicated to the operating system. The launch date is set for the 23rd of November and will cost between $350-$450 and will see its graphics powered by the AMD Radeon HD 6770 chipset. The console will also come with preinstalled software and reportedly developers such as Crytek, EA and Valve are currently working on games for the Wii U as well, with Valve working on a digital distribution (Steam for Wii U?) system and a possible Portal port.

Granted these details were translated from Italian to English, so perhaps some of the details and the finer points got lost in translation. Either way since anyone can claim to be anyone on the internet, we suggest taking this information with a grain of salt for now. Nintendo is expected to detail the Wii U next month at E3, so we guess we will be able to confirm of these details then. Be sure to check back with us during E3 for more news!

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