A new trademark application by Lucasfilm hints a new multimedia Star Wars franchise is underway. Lucasfilm Entertainment Company Ltd. has just filed a trademark application (Serial Number: 85613835) to the United States Patent and Trademark Office for “Star Wars 1313?. Hmm. Any idea what it would be like? If you’re a Star Wars die-hard fan, you’ll know that the name sounds fishy. But according to Fusible, the upcoming video game could most likely star Boba Fett, yes the minor villain and bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader to find the Millennium Falcon.

Fusible speculates that Star Wars 1313 could hint Boba Fett’s appearance, after all, if you’ll check out Wookieepedia, Boba Fett once used “CT-1313” as an alias on Aarganu. The company filed for the name “Star Wars 1313” for use with video games, as well as toys, trading cards, sticker books, pencil sharpeners, online social networking services, and anything else that can possibly bear the Star Wars logo. The filing covers a variety of goods and services including interactive entertainment software, books, toy action figures, online social networking services, and interactive video games. However, the document contains no indication of what “Star Wars 1313” really means.

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