A few days ago, LucasArts announced Star Wars 1313 but unfortunately apart from a brief backstory about the game and the character that the player would be playing as, not much else was known about the game, not even screenshots or artwork – at least until now. At E3 LucasArts finally took the wraps off their upcoming Star Wars 1313 game and provided a couple of screenshots and a gameplay video which we have to admit was breathtaking. You can check it out in the video above and it should be noted, as mentioned in the video, the footage that you will see is actually gameplay and in-game footage as opposed to CGI!

Yes – it does look that good and we definitely can’t wait to get our hands on the game itself. In the video its developer Dominic Robilliard said that the demo had been created on a high-end NVIDIA computer and mentioned that a release date for the game would be announced later this year, leading us to believe that a release in 2013 seems very likely. No word on which platforms the game will be launched on but the folks at NowGamer have speculated that it might be arriving on next-gen consoles by Sony and Microsoft. While that remains to be seen, what we can agree on is that the game looks good, so check it out in the video above and stay tuned for more updates.

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