In the first week of April, Disney announced that it was pulling the plug on LucasArts. The studio said that it had made up its mind to shift LucasArts from a developing model to a licensing model. What this meant was that other developers would be allowed to create Star Wars games under license from Disney. Electronic Arts has now officially been confirmed as the exclusive developer of new Star Wars titles. EA’s job is to handle the core gaming audience.

EA’s three top studios will be developing these titles. The BioWare team will continue developing for Star Wars franchise whereas DICE and Visceral will now be on-board as well. EA Labels president Frank Gibeau has said that the titles might borrow from films, though the games will be entirely original with an entirely different gameplay and stories. EA has not yet revealed what will happen to the Star Wars titles that were under development before LucasArts was shut down, the Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assualt. All that EA has said on this matter is that they’re not announcing any specific titles at this point in time.

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