Earlier this morning, the online gaming community was abuzz with news that Star Wars 1313 has been listed for a release this year on the PS3 platform by PlayStation Germany, and it certainly lifted the spirits of many. Well, we hate to play the role of party pooper, but it is rather unfortunate that LucasArts has stepped in to claim that PlayStation Germany’s Facebook page gave out inaccurate information.

Here is what LucasArts had to say (from a representative, that is) concerning the hype surrounding Star Wars 1313 this morning, “Unfortunately we do not have any announcements to make at this time. At the same time, it is safe to say that this report is not accurate.”

We are, after all, just human, and mistakes do happen from time to time. Back to our normal lives now, at least until the next round of fresh rumors surrounding Star Wars 1313 start to circulate to get our hearts all a-flutter. Hopefully someone, somewhere, will be able to get more information on Star Wars 1313’s status in due time.

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