The past few weeks saw a revamp for Bing search, but that is not all there is to it. There is also a fresh new look for Image search this time around that will affect approximately 7% of the entire Bing search – which is a rather sizeable population, actually. No longer do you need to settle for thumbnails that actually stretch your visual ability to the maximum, it will also pave the way for you to enjoy large and beautiful pictures from across the web. Microsoft claims that their Bing search has always been at the epitome of image search results, and with this, they intend to make the entire experience a whole lot more fun and immersive.

One of the main things that you would notice with the new image search is this – the pictures themselves will end up as larger thumbnails, where they are laid out in a seamless manner so that you can drink in the entire range simultaneously. What do you think of the new Bing image search? Does it live up to the hype, or do you prefer the image search results on other engines?

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