Boxee has just launched a new service called Cloudee, a product that will allow its users to share personal videos with their friends and families. Via Boxee’s blog, the company explained the importance of cloud services and the cloud’s major role in the future of television. Cloudee promises to make it easier for users to capture or upload videos they don’t want to share with the world.

Beta testers will need a Facebook account to sign up, although Boxee said that friends and families won’t have to use Cloudee to access the videos. “For instance, they can receive an alert via SMS or email and open the video in their browser,” Liz Dellheim of Boxee said.

“For a while now, it’s been painful to get our personal videos to the TV screen.  Yes, we could copy videos into a thumb drive, upload to YouTube and set it to private, setup a cloud storage account and give permissions to friends. But it was all too much work, so videos just sat there, never being watched, never being shared. This new iPhone app lets users upload videos to Cloudee, organize them into collections and share them with their family and close friends,” Boxee wrote on its blog.

Boxee’s Cloudee is currently in invite-only beta and is available on the iPhone for now. Cloudee will be free during the beta phase, but the company said that it will later release a paid version with unlimited video storage in the cloud that is accessible from the Boxee Box or any browser.

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