Samsung Confirms Boxee Acquisition

Samsung has now officially confirmed that it has acquired Boxee. Terms of this acquisition have not been revealed.

Rumor: Samsung Purchased Boxee For Under $30 Million

Samsung allegedly buys up Boxee for $30 million.

Boxee Box Rebranded To Cloud DVR

Boxee has just lifted the curtain on a new offering for a cloud-based DVR, where this rebranded Boxee TV has been given a new moniker, which would be the Boxee Cloud DVR that delivers up to five hours of DVR playback each month when it comes to the new free plan for users of the hardware. If you are one who participated in the paid tier, then unlimited, indefinite storage […]

Is Boxee Giving Away Free Boxee TVs?

Here’s a reason to give your email to those “coming soon” or “beta” webpages: it looks like if you were so excited about Boxee’s upcoming Boxee TV that you gave them your email, and you live in a major market area, you could be receiving a free Boxee TV before they even come out. The Verge is reporting that Boxee is sending out emails promising a free Boxee TV in exchange for […]


Boxee’s Cloud DVR may convince you to ditch cable

It’s not often that leaked pics of set-top boxes cause the internet to go crazy, but the Boxee TV image leaked earlier this month did exactly that. It seemed like a cord-cutter’s dream: it offered a TV tuner with a coax input, WiFi access to Netflix and other services, and threw a DVR on top of that. Today Boxee’s streamer was officially announced, and it only got better: it starts […]

Boxee’s video sharing service Cloudee launched in private beta

Boxee has just launched a new service called Cloudee, a product that will allow its users to share personal videos with their friends and families. Via Boxee’s blog, the company explained the importance of cloud services and the cloud’s major role in the future of television. Cloudee promises to make it easier for users to capture or upload videos they don’t want to share with the world. Beta testers will […]

Boxee 1.5 update on the way

Boxee announced on its blog today that it will be releasing version 1.5 of its Boxee software very soon. The update will improve the home screen with additional links; give the featured section a face lift, optimized search, made the Menu more accessible, updated the Movies and TV Shows layout, expanded the thumbnails in Watch Later & Friends sections and added filters. The version 1.5 update is now available as […]

Boxee Live: TV HD Tuner for Boxee Box

The Boxee live HDTV dongle has landed, and cable companies should take notice: unlike many over-the-air HDTV solutions, the Boxee Live is a complement to the Boxee Box which supplements a vast array of internet-based shows with over-the-air broadcast TV. The logic is simple: according to Boxee, 89 of the 100 top shows are available -for free- over broadcast channels. “The Superbowl, the World Series, the Oscars, the Grammys, presidential […]

MOG app now available for Boxee

If you’ve been looking for a new way to get streaming music on your TV  through the Boxee Box, you’re in luck. MOG has just announced the availability of the MOG app for Boxee Box users everywhere. For those not in the know, MOG’s highly-acclaimed music streaming service gives users the ability to stream high quality music from the internet.

D-Link Boxee Remote Control announced

D-Link has announced their Boxee Remote Control that will offer both PC and Mac owners of Boxee better control. After all, the Boxee Remote Control itself is a sight to behold, coming in a sleek, two-sided design complete with a full QWERTY keypad which ought to make typing a snap, since you’re probably so used to a virtual QWERTY keyboard by now (except for most BlackBerry users, of course). This […]

Boxee Box 1.1 firmware update fixed, no more Dolby Digital audio issues

Just a few days ago, we heard of Boxee rolling out the Boxee Box 1.1 firmware update that actually rendered surround sound speakers in your home theater system quiet, and this is definitely a no-no for any audiophile or movie loving person. Well, there is nothing like a promise being fulfilled as what Boxee has done, keeping to their word by releasing a follow up patch to resolve such silent […]

Boxee Box update keeps surround sound speakers quiet

Who would have thought that your surround sound speakers would end up muted after installing the latest Boxee Box 1.1 update? That is what happened to users who were rocking to surround sound systems before the update, rueing the fact that the removal of volume controls affected their listening experience. Nice to know that Boxee has confirmed that these volume controls will be making a comeback in the next update […]

Boxee Box updated to 1.1

Boxee Box owners will be glad to know that Boxee will be rolling out a firmware update for the HTPC system starting today. The update, which brings your Boxee Box up to version 1.1 and includes a lot of enhancements such as: Support for 16 new languages Book and History in the browser Movie trailer library Seek bar for playback OSD Share menu that lets users choose where messages go […]

VUDU arrives on the Boxee Box

It might have taken a little while to arrive, but Boxee has finally integrated VUDU to the Boxee Box. To take advantage of the momentum, VUDU is currently offering new users who sign up on the Boxee Box $5.99 credit, which is equivalent to a single HDX rental. Rental prices start from as low as $2 for two nights in the back catalog and it goes up to $6 for […]