Exercise is not only limited to the physical realm, as the mind too, needs some exercise. After all, some say that our brain is a muscle, and it too, needs to be worked. After all, getting the right kind as well as amount of exercise is important to make sure you remain healthy for your age, and hand exercises do come in handy for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, as it ensures that joints remain flexible and strong while memory exercises help the elderly remain mentally fit. Enter BrainTap, where it is a device developed by a team that comprised of Andrew Huynh, Adrian Abele, Mason Shao, Jayson Fong and James Taylor.

BrainTap is essentially a prototype of a wearable gaming device which will encourage exercise for those suffering from chronic arthritis. This is a wearable system that is made up of a glove, outfitted with LEDs and motors for haptic feedback, and is linked to a retro-looking device. This device will in turn relay a light pattern (Red, Green, Blue and Orange) where the user will mimic with one’s gloved fingers, hence forcing movement of one’s arthritic fingers as well as jogging one’s memory, too.

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