When it comes to the audio systems used in the movie, you’re usually faced with either technology from THX or Dolby. Well if you consider yourself to be an audiophile or at least an audio enthusiast, then Disney/Pixar’s Brave animated movie might be a show worth checking out. Apart from its hilarious and touching story, it is also the first film to use Dolby’s new Atmos technology which basically allows sound designers to mix up to 128 different sound elements into 64 speakers, which supposedly will aid movies in sounding more “realistic”. The folks at IEEE Spectrum spoke to Brave’s sound designer who had this to say about Dolby’s new technology:

Since you can’t make the audience feel heat or cold, or smell the ocean, you use sounds to help provide the feeling you want the audience to have,” says Will Files, the re-recording mixer who oversaw the Atmos sound mix of Brave. “Take the concept of visual resolution—it’s the same idea with sound. Many more points of sound in a room create a higher resolution field that sounds more natural.

Sounds like a pretty immersive experience, doesn’t it? Unfortunately not all movie theatres support Dolby’s Atmos technology just yet, with 14 theatres being listed in US and Canada on Dolby’s website. So if you’d like to get an idea of what this 64 speaker system sounds like, then check out the list to see if you’re live close-by to any of the theatres with Atmos technology support.

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