There was some interest a couple of months ago when a Tupac “hologram” (actually, it was just a digital projection of Tupac on a glass display) performed ‘live’ on stage with Dr. Dre and Snopp Dogg, and it sure did open up a whole new avenue of “resurrecting” dead stars for future concerts. Who do you want to call up from the netherworld? The King of Pop? He can wait, as Elvis might just return to the building in the form of a hologram concert. MTV News said that the same company that created a Tupac hologram for Coachella is working on new virtual versions of the King, Elvis.

Hopefully it will be one where he is still in his prime, without that pot belly, looking all suave. How about costume designs – will they remain as in the past, or will the King receive a new set of threads that keeps up with the times?

Ed Ulbrich, Chief Creative Officer at Digital Domain, said, “Elvis Presley is the king of rock and roll…you have to start with the king. We’re in the creative development stages now. Instead of a single application we’re looking to bring Elvis back across a host of platforms, including live concerts in venues.” The whole idea of this exercise is to eventually have holograms look and sing like the real deal, without being based on archival footage.

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