So, you think that Facebook is the next best thing since sliced bread was introduced to the civilized world? Think again, folks, as scientists have discovered that social networks are not just limited to human, as researchers at Oxford University have managed to organize millions of observations of birds they call “great tits” (I know, I know) into a “Facebook for animals”. Interestingly enough, their findings point towards similarities in human relationships – where the birds tend to have a tight-knit circle of friends, very much like us humans.

If you are not too comfortable with great tits, then the scientific name Parus major would suffice, and their strongest social connections link the birds with their mating partners or future mates. Just like Facebook check-ins, the geographical proximity also sees an increase in the likelihood of social interaction. Not only that, there are also valid examples of “friend of a friend” inter-relationships. I do wonder just which other species have similar social network tendencies, and how it mirrors us humans is a miracle in itself.

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