Fuji Xerox has come up with an electrophoretic type electronic paper (e-paper) which is capable of displaying colors on it – and it does so without the need for a color filter, now how about that? Not only that, since the e-paper lacks a color filter, it will be able to deliver a brighter and more vivid display, according to Fuji Xerox. The color e-paper (electrophoretic display) that was developed by Fuji Xerox manages to realize the color display through the moving of colored particles for each color. In order to ensure that each color of the particles can be controlled, Fuji Xerox specially designed them in order for the threshold value (electric field) of electrophoresis to be different for each color. A couple of substrates make up the e-paper, where the color of a particle drawn to the front board can be viewed.

Colored particles are not the only things to see action here, as white-color particles are also placed between the two substrates. Since the white-color particles remain still even when an electric field is generated between the substrates, it is not an issue at all to display a white color by drawing all the colored particles to retreat – to the back board, actually.

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