larry_page_largeGoogle is saying that its CEO, Larry Page, has “lost his voice”. However, the company declined to divulge furthermore details about their co-founder’s health. Now, experts think that Google should talk more about Larry and his current medical condition, citing Apple’s disclosures about Steve Jobs’ health as an example, which eventually led to shock when the great visionary lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. Doug Anmuth, a JP Morgan stock analyst, said that Page, who regularly posts links and comments on Google+, hasn’t posted anything since May 25. “We think this could raise some questions among investors,” Anmuth added.

Herman Leung of Susquehanna Financial Group also said his office is starting to get calls from investors, asking if they should be worried about the rumor. “Yeah, probably a little bit. Hopefully, Google will give us an update,” he replied. Meanwhile, Page allegedly wrote an email to employees yesterday saying “There’s nothing seriously wrong with me”. Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt said that Page cannot do any public speaking engagements for the time being, including next week’s Google I/O. Schmidt added that Larry will continue to run the company. Co-founder Sergey Brin jokingly said that this problem will make Larry a better CEO because he’s going to have to choose his words very carefully.

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