Earlier this year at CES, we took a look at the iCade Mobile, which for those unfamiliar and in case the photo above did not already give it away, is an adapter for the iPhone that gives it additional buttons and a D-pad that players can use to play games with. This is a great solution for gamers who love gaming on their mobile phone but do not really care for on-screen joysticks and buttons and would prefer the physical thing. Well the good news is that if the iCade Mobile was a device you’ve been looking forward to, expect to fork out $80 for it. According to the folks at TechCrunch, ThinkGeek should be selling it already but it was not listed when we checked, so perhaps the page has yet to go live. Either way for those looking forward to a more arcade-like experience, the iCade Core will also be shipping and it will set you back $100. It will basically provide a dock for your iPad that transforms it into a mini arcade with a joystick and everything. Additional details of either device can be found on Ion Audio’s website. [iCade Mobile] [iCade Core]

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