[CES 2012] We looked at the iCade Core yesterday, and here we are with something even more portable – the iCade Mobile. Bringing tactile handheld control to your iPhone or iPod touch, those who want to beat their current high scores should be able to get a decent chance in thanks to this controller that allows you to master the controls with physical buttons that are far easier to identify with and press compared to virtual buttons. After all, there is nothing quite like getting the right kind of tactile feedback, is there? With the iCade Mobile’s 4-way directional pad, a quartet of front-facing action buttons and an equal number of shoulder buttons available, your thumbs and fingers should have no problem fitting around them comfortably, and you can be sure that the kind of button mashing you unleash will not faze the iCade Mobile one bit.

Sporting a specially designed cradle which will ensure the safe loading and unloading of your iPhone or iPod touch, it delivers a solid, secure fit so that it won’t fall out even during the most intense gaming sessions. Expect the iCade Mobile to hit the market this year for $79.99, and will we be able to see an Android variant soon?

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