It seems that if you live in Japan and you own the Sony PlayStation Vita, you could be getting five free games on the 21st of June. Before the rest of the Vita owners around the world protest, it should be noted that these games aren’t exactly the most high profile games in today’s market. A while back, Grasshopper Manufacture ran a student development program whereby nine student teams were given Vita development kits and were told to make games with them. Five of those teams were successful and those are the five games that will be making their way onto PSN for download on the 21st of June.

However there is a catch – if you live in Japan and you own the PS Vita, you have to be a PS Plus subscriber in order to be eligible for the free downloads. If you are a subscriber then come 21st of June, expect to be able to download, Uni Uni Union, Eledive, Octalide, Volt and Mou, Sou Suru Shika Nai!! No word if Sony plans to eventually make them available for non PS Plus subscribers or if they will make their way stateside or the rest of the world, but it’s still an interesting initiative and hopefully there will be more PS Plus offers like that in the future!

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