How many times have you accidentally dropped your portable media player, smartphone or other portable electronics device from your shirt’s front pocket simply because you forgot that it was there when you bent over to help this gorgeous lady who was having some trouble with her groceries? Well, the K-Pocke pocket intends to put an end to all of that nonsense, where it works as a double layered pocket which enables you to slip items such as smartphones in through the slits on the side, and once the items are within, they will no longer slip out regardless of how you bend over.


There is also an “outer pocket” which can be accessed via the top should you prefer the old school method, but bear in mind that taking that route will more often than not result in occasions of unwarranted slippage, which is not something we would all want, right? Too bad the K-Pocke pocket is not exactly at the forefront where fashion sense is concerned.

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