RIM logoRIM is certainly going through tough times now. With the decline in market share as far as the smartphone operating systems are concerned, and with one of their manufacturing partners calling it quits on them and with Blackberry 10 yet to launch, the future of the company certainly looks pretty bleak at this point. Now it seems that in order to help cut costs and to keep themselves afloat, reports have surfaced that RIM has started to layoff their employees. No word on how many jobs are cut or will be cut, but earlier estimates have put it between 2,000-6,000, with day one layoffs numbering in the hundreds.

This was reportedly confirmed via the Waterloo Record by RIM spokesperson, Tenille Kennedy, who stated that the company “may continue to do so as the company methodically works through a review of the business. RIM has committed to achieving significant efficiencies and operating cost reductions over the course of this fiscal year. Our financial target is to drive at least $1 billion in savings by the end of fiscal 2013… Head count reductions are part of this initiative.” Most definitely not the best news that RIM fans and Blackberry users want to hear, so here’s hoping that Blackberry 10 will be good enough to turn things around for them!

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