When you were a kid, and the last slice of pizza is lying down there in such an inviting manner, leaving you and your brother eyeing it – there was only one way to resolve the dispute without invoking the higher powers of dad and mom. Rock, Paper, Scissors was the way to go, but sometimes, your elder brother, despite being the loser, ends up on top simply by virtue of the birth order. Well, it seems that the world of robotics have advanced to such a stage where the next time you want to go up against someone in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, you might want to send in this robot hand as your representative. It wins every single time, hands down (pun intended).

Hailing from the Ishikawa Oku Lab at the University of Tokyo, the reason why it is so unbeatable is because it uses a high speed vision system that is fast enough to detect just how you are going to form your object before it “counters” you with a winning, er, hand. In fact, it reacts so fast, you cannot really accuse it of cheating since that cannot be proven according to the naked eye. We are talking about milliseconds here, people! Go ahead, watch the video after the jump and see it to believe it.

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