Word from South Korea has it that there is going to be a brand new Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung later this year, where underneath the hood, you will find a 12-megapixel camera sensor as well as a quad-core processor, now how about that? Apart from that, it is said that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will also feature something that has never been seen before on a commercially available device, which is a 5.3″ flexible LED display, not to mention running on what is possibly the next version of the Android operating system, simply known as the Android Jellybean OS. Apart from that, it is said that the Galaxy Note 2 will have an upgraded battery, which is always a good thing when it comes to such modern devices. What do you think? Will the Galaxy Note 2 feature a flexible display, or do you think that it is wishful thinking?

I personally do not think that a flexible LED display is ready for prime time action just yet – and to use it with a stylus is just not going to be any fun, it would be as though you are trying to write on a piece of paper without any backing board.

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