Have you ever felt down and all you needed was a nice, warm hug? That might not be an issue if you had friends, family or your loved one around, but what if you were home alone? Thinking outside the box, designers Park Jinmi and Kwak Jinsub have come up with a concept they have dubbed the “Hug Light”. As pictured above, the Hug Light is a illuminating lamp that offers both heat and light therapy. It’s supposed to offer comfort to those who are stressed out, or to women experience period cramps or pain. Unlike popping some pills to ease the pain or to take away the stress, the Hug Light does seem like a more holistic approach thanks to its emotional and non-invasive “treatment”. Of course given that this is merely a concept at the moment, we have no idea how useful it would actually be, but it is certainly a novel idea that we don’t think would hurt to try.


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