When you pay your butcher a visit or when you stop by the supermarket, you will be able to request for cuts of meat in a certain weight i.e. 1kg of chicken breast, 2kg of pork chops, etc. However since butchers aren’t exactly computers, the cuts of meat might not exactly be on the dot and could be either over or under the weight you specified. However the folks in Japan have come up with a machine called the Natsune Libra 165C which is apparently able to slice cuts of meat from an entire chunk to precise weights using lasers.

How this is achieved is that the meat is placed through a scanner which scans the cross section of the meat and is able to figure out the thickness and the weight of each slice. Since chunks of meat are hardly perfect in size, not all parts can be sliced at the same thickness to achieve the same weight which we guess is the job of this machine. Based on what we’ve seen in the video above, it certainly looks like an impressive feat and the Natsune Libra 165C is reportedly capable of slicing 100 cuts of meat in under a minute. With its price of $160,000, we doubt that your local butcher or supermarket will be carrying it anytime soon.

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