We all know that the world is a whole lot more polluted these days compared to a few centuries ago, and the topsy turvy weather is definitely not something one can easily predict these days despite having the best equipment around. Design duo Nieuwe Heren have proved that men are able to enjoy urban pollution-sensing apparel in the form of the Aegis Parka. Getting its moniker after Zeus’ protective shield in the Iliad, the Aegis Parka will feature sensors that will be able to pick up the most common urban pollutants, where the rather lengthy (to the layman at least) list include NH3,NOx, alcohol, Benzene, smoke, and CO2.

There is an LED display that warns you of the hazardous air quality – the worse off the pollution levels are, the more LEDs will light up. Not only that, there is the practical part of the Aegis Parka which would be its integrated respirator complete with active carbon filters which will be able to protect the user from inhaling them nasty pollutants when conditions hit the hazardous level. No idea on how much this will cost in the open market though.

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