A bandage is a bandage – it is meant to keep those nasty bacteria out from your open wound, and also protect the same wound from the elements for a speedier rate of healing if you lack Wolverine’s healing factor. Well, the AmoeBAND concept bandage does bring a new equation to the mix – it will update the world of wound care through the clever changes in color, so that patients will be alerted to a change when required. Not only that, the AmoeBAND concept bandage is good enough to remain put on the wound until the time comes to change it, so that wastage is minimized in the process.

You can also check your wound without the need to remove the bandage (and causing some unnecessary pain as the surrounding hair around the wound is ripped out), as the dressing material which covers the cut is sensitive to pH changes in your wound. Should the pH level hover between 6.5 and 8.5, that would mean infection has set in, and a purple indicator cross will let you know to change the bandage, and inform your doctor is the need arises.

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