Just last month, Apple launched the Retina-capable MacBook Pro, making it the first laptop in their product lineup to feature a Retina display. Why only one? Well it could be that Apple was testing the market and seeing the response and based on the estimated shipping times, it certainly seems that many people can’t wait to get their hands on it. With that being said, it seems that Apple has started imposing a new guideline for app submissions to the Mac App Store and are now requiring that all app icons be for 1024×1024 in resolution, making them suited for the Retina display.

This was a guideline imposed on the iTunes App Store with the introduction of Retina display on the iPhone 4, and it looks like it is being imposed on the Mac App Store as well. We’re guessing that this is to cater for the current Retina display MacBook Pro and presumably future Mac products that will be getting the Retina display treatment as well.

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