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Adobe Lightroom Is Now Available From The Mac App Store
Adobe Lightroom, the photo-editing tool meant for professionals, is now available from the Mac App Store. This now happens to be the first Adobe app that’s available from the revamped version of the app platform. Photoshop Elements has already been available but it’s a lightweight compared to Lightroom. This is now the only pro-focused app that’s available through the Mac App Store.

Microsoft Office Is Finally Available From The Mac App Store
Say you want to download Microsoft Office on your MacBook. The first place you’d think about hitting up would be the Mac App Store. The only problem was that the company’s popular productivity suite wasn’t distributed through the store. That changes today. Microsoft Office is now finally available from the Mac App Store.

macOS Sierra Download Available Now
Apple didn’t provide the release date for macOS Sierra on stage at its event on September 7th, but the company did update the page on its website to confirm when the latest iteration of its operating system is going to be released. It promised that macOS Sierra will be released on September 20th and it has followed through on that promise. The macOS Sierra download is available now and you […]

Encrypted Messaging Service Cryptocat's iPhone App Rejected
Earlier this year a fellow called Edward Snowden made some earth shattering revelations about the various electronic spying programs of the NSA. The leaked documents listed a number of globally recognized companies such as Apple, Google and Yahoo, though the companies initially denied having any knowledge of the agency’s programs. Interest in encrypted messaging services surged after these revelations, which is when Cryptocat’s popularity reached new heights. iPhone users waiting […]


Mac App Store Bug Might Not Be A Bug After All
So yesterday we reported on the possibility of a bug in the Mac App Store that allowed users running trial versions of the iWork suite (amongst other software) to upgrade to full versions for free. Well it turns out that the bug might not necessarily be a bug after all. This is according to J. Glenn Künzler over at MacTrast when he managed to upgrade his version of Aperture for […]

Mac App Store Bug Lets iWork And Aperture Trial Users Upgrade For Free
While we discourage piracy and advocate that users should pay for the software they use, it seems that there is a bug in the Apple Mac App Store that is allowing iWork trial users to upgrade to the entire suite for free. This is according to a smattering of reports where users have found that despite running the 30-day iWork trial on their Mac computers, they are now able to […]

OS X Mavericks Brings Subscriptions Support To Mac App Store
The new OS X Mavericks update brings support for app subscriptions to Mac App Store. This feature was previously limited to iOS App Store.

Windows Store Now Has Over 50,000 Apps For Windows 8 And RT
The Windows Store has finally crossed the 50,000 mark. It is now home to over 50,000 applications for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Despite that it is being reported that the number of apps being submitted to Windows Store is declining each month. Reportedly app submissions have slowed down substantially ever since Windows 8 was launched back in November 2012. To put things in perspective, the Mac App Store has […]

Apple's Mac App Store guidelines require icons to be 1024 x 1024 in resolution
Just last month, Apple launched the Retina-capable MacBook Pro, making it the first laptop in their product lineup to feature a Retina display. Why only one? Well it could be that Apple was testing the market and seeing the response and based on the estimated shipping times, it certainly seems that many people can’t wait to get their hands on it. With that being said, it seems that Apple has […]

Because We May Movement Brings Discounted Apps from May 24 to June 1
2DBoy is the group behind a new movement called ‘Because we May’, which is in conjunction with the belief that developers should have the freedom to price games however they see fit without online stores on which the games are available; interfering. The purpose as to why they believe that pricing should be free is because it would give developers the ability to promote their games freely since it is […]

Apple’s Mac App Store Passes 10,000 Apps Mark After 15 Months
After some digging along with a few database queries the folks over at MacGeneration noticed that Apple’s Mac-Exclusive App Store has surpassed the 10,000 listed apps mark in just over 15 months since its culmination. Although Apple once made an announcement when the Mac App Store passed the 100 million downloads mark, online reports claim that it is doubtful the Cupertino tech giant will announce this new milestone especially with […]

Apple removes free trial of iWork and Aperture from website, directs customers to the Mac App Store instead
Trial software is handy when you want to try out a program before making the decision to purchase it. Unfortunately if you were trying to decide if Apple’s iWork productivity suite, or Aperture for your post-processing photography needs are the software for you, you’re out of luck. Apple has officially discontinued the free trial that they offer customers on its website for its iWork and Aperture products. Instead, customers are […]

Apple Mac App Store hits 100 million downloads
It sure looks like the end of the year is a great period for achieving milestones. Last week we reported that the Android Market hit 10 billion downloads, and today Apple has announced that its Mac App Store has surpassed 100 million downloads. Considering that the Mac App Store has been open in less than a year, that’s a pretty impressive feat.Apple’s other, more established store: the Apple App Store […]

Mac OS X Lion to be distributed through the Mac App Store?
When Mac users decide to upgrade their operating systems to OS X Lion later this year, it looks like they might not have to drive out to their favorite software retailer to get their hands on the upgrade disc. According to some rumors, the Mac OS X Lion update will be released to the public via the Mac App Store. If this turns out to be true, it means there’s […]

Apple FaceTime app now on sale on the Mac App Store
It’s time to say goodbye to your FaceTime beta app on your Mac. Apple has just released the FaceTime app on the Mac App Store for all Mac users to download to satisfy their video chatting needs. The good news is the app now supports 720p HD video (if you have the webcam to support it if not you’ll be stuck with VGA video calls) but the bad news is […]

Windows Phone 7 Connector arrives at Mac App Store
Apple’s Mac App Store has one additional high profile company taking part in it, as Microsoft has added its Windows Phone 7 Connector to the store as a free download. This version is similar to the earlier version, though it offers official support for the Zune HD, making it the first time a Zune media player supports the Mac without additional hacks. The app makes it easy for users to […]

VLC removed from App Store, now available on Cydia
Many iPad and iPhone owners out there were probably overjoyed when the multi-format video player VLC arrived on the iOS platform. Issues immediately appeared over the program’s licensing and there was probably only one likely outcome to the whole issue – the app has since been removed from Apple’s App Store. According to the complaint, the DRM in the App Store violated the GNU General Public License on the program […]

Mac App Store apps cracked already?
Apple’s Mac App Store has only gone live for a few hours and folks out there have discovered how to get apps off it without paying. The trick involves downloading a free app, such as Twitter, from the Mac App Store and copying certain files for it that will be copied into the applications folder of a non-purchased downloaded app, tricking the app into thinking that you’ve purchased it. It’s […]

Mac App Store to provide incentive to product reviewers?
While many of us may not like buying into marketing magic, we do now that referrals are a powerful way of marketing. Apple might be looking to capitalize on that, as the fruity company has filed a patent that would reward customers who review products. Of course, it might be a little tricky if folks are rewarded to provide reviews but Apple’s system is based on the number of “accurate” […]

Mac App Store interface pictured
Some information on Apple’s upcoming Mac App Store has surfaced. First off, folks have managed to snag screenshots of it running, showing the login page, which you’ll need to pass through in order to download apps. As seen, you’ll be able to login with your Apple account, iTunes account, or MobileMe account. The Mac App Store will also feature parental control preferences in order to ensure that the age ratings […]