Researchers from the University of Tokyo’s Ishikawa Oku Laboratory were able to develop a camera that track fast-moving objects in real time. In the field of sports, high-quality videos are the keys to efficient broadcasting, and it is quite a challenge to track objects, such as a ball, continuously at high speeds.

In a bid to solve this, the researchers developed what they call as “1ms Auto Pan-Tilt” technology. The technology can reportedly automatically control the camera’s Pan-Tilt angles to keep an object always at the center of field, similar to how the autofocus functionality can maintain an object in focus.

This allows high-speed objects, such as the bouncing ping-pong ball that you can see above, to be tracked due to its high-speed optical gaze controller Saccade Mirror and a 1000-fps high-speed vision. The Saccade Mirror will control the gaze direction of the camera by using rotating two-axis small galvanometer mirrors. The researchers said that its prototype is able to produce full HD image quality to provide the best broadcasting service.

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