Just last week, we talked about Nokia parting ways with MeeGo, but is that the end of the operating system platform? Yes, we do know that Nokia will no longer be manufacturing any more smartphones that will run on the Linux-based MeeGo platform any more, but Jolla is another company that has stepped up to the plate, and has every intention of keeping this particular mobile software platform up and running instead of being consigned to the heap of history. In fact, Jolla wants to roll out a new smartphone that is powered by the MeeGo-based software later in 2012.

It is said that Jolla is not the only bunch of enthusiasts that intend to see MeeGo remain up and running on a bunch of devices, as part of the Jolla team include people from the Nokia N9 team, including previous directors of the project. Most of the action of today is focused on the Tizen Linux operating system that leans more towards web-based technologies where Linux-based operating systems are concerned, and there is also the possibility that the future revision of MeeGo is known as project Mer.

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