Jolla To Bring Its Sailfish OS Onto Sony’s Xperia Devices

[MWC 2017] Following the proliferation of smartphones and seeing the success of Android and iOS, many companies decided that they too would try to create a mobile platform that would take over the industry. Unfortunately no one has really come that close, and one of those attempts was Sailfish OS by Jolla.

Jolla C Announced

Jolla, the company that was started by previous employees of Nokia and MeeGo, can be said to have had moderate success to date. After all, they have not yet closed down, have they? While there has been closure to the Jolla Tablet in the past, not to mention gaining some interest in their Jolla Sailfish OS as well as smartphone, here we are with its second smartphone – the Jolla […]

Jolla Tablet Gets Closure

Earlier this year, we brought you word that not all Jolla tablet backers will be on the receiving end of a Jolla tablet, no thanks to the company running into financial difficulties. However, this does mean that some Jolla tablet backers will receive the hardware of their choice, but it is without a doubt that those backers would most probably be wondering whether this is a good thing or not, […]

Not All Jolla Tablet Backers Will Get A Tablet

Last year the Sailfish OS powered Jolla tablet was launched on Indiegogo. It seemed that despite iOS and Android being the more dominant operating system, there are still plenty of users out there who are seeking alternatives because the tablet managed to raise over $2.5 million in funding from the public.Unfortunately, it seems that if you decided to back the tablet and hoped to get one thanks to your contributions, […]


Jolla Announces Sailfish OS 2.0 Preview Release

Jolla and their Sailfish OS have been in the spotlight before, and earlier this year in March, we brought you word that Sailfish 2.0 is all set to arrive. It does look as though being patient does have its virtues, and the Finnish company has just announced the availability of the Sailfish OS 2.0 preview release. This has been deemed to be the “biggest update” in Jolla’s history, where they […]

Jolla To Split Hardware And Software Business

Jolla of Finland has been around for quite some time, and it seems that the company is going to split its business – meaning the hardware side of things as well as the software bit will be separated. To be more detailed and specific, Jolla Ltd. will be the “face” that concentrates only on developing and licensing Sailfish OS, and then once summer is over, there will be a spanking […]

Russian Government To Develop Their Own Smartphone Platform

While there are a handful of different smartphone operating systems to choose from, at the moment the obvious platforms that are dominating are iOS and Android, so users who want to be able to access a large variety of apps will most probably have to end up choosing between the two.However it seems that Russia is having none of it. According to reports, Russia’s Communications Minister Nikolai Nikiforov is said […]

OnePlus One Seen To Run Sailfish OS

Martin Brook of Jolla did put up a rather interesting photo on Twitter, one of the more popular social media outlets used by millions of people worldwide – where it happens to be a shot of the OnePlus One. While this is certainly a smartphone that does offer plenty of good value for your hard earned money, it is not all that rare like a Black Lotus card, but what […]

Jolla Sailfish OS 2.0 Set To Arrive

I am quite sure that many of you have heard of Jolla before, alongside their Sailfish operating system (OS). Well, it seems that Jolla is set to introduce Sailfish OS 2.0, which has been touted to be a mobile OS that empowers partners to develop highly differentiated mobile products. The Finnish company claims that Sailfish OS 2.0 is ready for licensing to OEMs and other partners, where this next generation […]

64GB Jolla Tablet Lands On Indiegogo

Late last year Jolla launched a crowdfunding campaign for its first tablet. The Jolla Tablet needed $380,000 for production to begin and the team reached this goal in just a couple of hours. Before the campaign ended in December 2014 over $1.8 million had been raised in pledges. Jolla now goes back to Indiegogo to raise even more money and the added incentive for backers is the option of a […]

Jolla Tablet To Be Introduced In More Places

The Jolla Tablet was announced some time last week by Finnish company Jolla that it will be released in 2015 in select markets. This Sailfish OS-based tablet has already experienced a relatively successful Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, having passed the 1.2 million mark along the way, where Jolla did mention that the Jolla Tablet would be made available to customers over in the US, the European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, China, […]

Jolla Tablet Announced

Not too long ago, we brought you word that Jolla intends to introduce something new to the masses this coming November 19th. Now that the day has finally arrived, the curtains have been lifted up and we are all well aware of what is in store – a spanking new tablet! Even Nokia wants in on the tablet game with their Nokia N1 which was revealed yesterday. With the Jolla […]

Jolla Possibly Unveiling A New Device On November 19th

It has been a while since we have had a new piece of hardware from Jolla and it looks like our wish might be fulfilled soon. It has already been nearly an year since the first Sailfish OS handset was released by Jolla and a big hint suggests that this company, made up most of ex-Nokia men and women, is on track to unveil a new device.

Jolla To Get New Magnetic Keyboard Accessory

The very first Jolla device was revealed to the rest of the world some time last year, and since then, it has been pretty quiet from the team that comprised mostly of ex-Nokia employees. However, you will be pleased (and rightly relieved) to hear that they have not been sitting down idly, but rather, have been working on what could very well be a brand new accessory for the Jolla […]