German designer Marianna Merenmies won the second prize at last year’s International Design Awards, under the alternative fuel vehicles category. The concept at hand is the McLaren JetSet, a one-seater concept car that is designed for McLaren. Basically, Marianna Merenmies wanted a futuristic car that is lightweight and fuel-efficient. The result is a 100% electric car that features a backside outfitted with drag-reducing draped fenders. The McLaren JetSet will also use superlight carbonfibre composites in its chassis, body, suspensions and wheels. I can’t wait to drive one of these in the near future.

This vehicle is designed to attract clients typical for such premium vehicles like McLaren. But as space is getting scarce and we need more ecological solutions, even luxury brands need to propose cityvehicles with small C02 footprint. Aiming to be etremely light and aerodynamic for superior fuel efficiency, this vehicles masters with the use of superlight carbonfibre stuctures in chassis, body, suspensions and wheels. It is a 1-seater aimed for citydrive offering the thrills and driving pleasures we still yearn to have. With all electric drive it offers a totally new way of combining motions and emotions in sustainable design.

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