No, we will not be talking about a new large screen TV from Panasonic this time round to compete with the likes of LG and Samsung, but rather, a Digital Mirror from the Japanese consumer electronics giant which intends to help out in the field of medical rehabilitation. Just what does the Digital Mirror offer? It supposedly is able to assist in rehabilitation trainings through the measuring of training while recording essential data through the combination of a mirror and video that are displayed on it.


The mirror’s user is able to perform trainings, and afterwards, go through a compiled comparison of your figures which are reflected on the mirror alongside a benchmark figure – and hopefully your performance would have met or exceeded the benchmark levels. Some of the exercise programs on offer includ”Stretch,” “Muscle Strength,” “Upper Limb’s Range of Motion” and “Balance”, where you can also choose “upright position” or “sitting position,” depending on your current medical situation.

There is also half a dozen measurement types which will be used for medical rehabilitation, ranging from “balancing on one foot with opened eyes” to “functional reach,” “Timed Up & Go,” “the length of barycentric orbit,” “measurement of range of motion” and “measurement of tilt.” The Panasonic Digital Mirror will come with an embedded camera which will record your movement from the front, storing the recorded video for future reference and having a program crunch all that data to spew up relevant results on your performance so that you know whether you are improving or not.

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